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General Info

How much does it cost to join the team?
  • USA Rugby requires all players to register for a current USAR membership. The fee for Summer 2021 is $38.50 and for the 21-22 Season is $81.50. Need help? Follow these easy instructions!

  • Club dues are required by every active member. These dues are collected when you register for each month of training. Your dues payment guarantees your spot in training and on our active roster.

  • We are able to offer limited dues waivers to those individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, or were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To request assistance, please speak to President Eric Anderson or Athletic Engagement Officer Ozzie Luna.

  • This season, we anticipate travel to San Francisco in December 2021 and to Ottawa Canada in August 2022. All players who wish to be part of the tournament roster should begin planning for their related travel costs to both locations. The Rebellion Board will determine what costs the club can/will cover as tournament details are announced.

What equipment do I need?

If you are a new player we recommend coming to practice with:

  • Rugby or soccer cleats (American football and baseball cleats are illegal in rugby)

  • A mouth guard

  • Rugby shorts (available via rugbyworld.com) or gym shorts.

  • Athletic wear you don’t mind getting dirty

Does it matter if I’ve played sports before?

No.  Many of our players either played sports a very long time ago or not at all.  It’s never too late to learn, and the benefits of regular sports practice will amaze you.

If you are a new player with little to no experience check out the information provided on our Rugby 101 page. We can teach you the skills, but it’s recommended you have a basic understanding of what a rugby game looks like and the basic rules involved.

Does it matter if I’m out of shape and afraid rugby is too demanding?

No.  Rugby can be a demanding sport, but our regular weekly practices are designed to build the fitness levels of every player, and you will find our workouts to be fun and engaging, and inclusive to all players no matter what level of experience and/or fitness they bring to the pitch.

Can I come and watch practice before I join?

Of course! We encourage potential new members to observe a practice or come to one of our Ruggerbust events to learn more about the team.

Will I get hurt?

Like any high-impact sport, rugby carries a certain amount of risk when you walk on the pitch. While injuries do happen, the amount or severity of injury is no different than other sports of a similar nature; and in fact, rugby has less injury than football! The Rebellion cares about the safety of the entire team – in addition to learning how to play the game safely, you have the option of purchasing additional protective gear for practice and game days.

COVID Policies & Protocols


The Rebellion’s COVID and related illness policies and protocols have been developed based on current CDC recommendations, USA Rugby Return to Play guidelines, and State/County requirements for outdoor high contact sports. These policies may increase or decrease as the situation warrants.

At present, the County of Los Angeles has lifted all public health orders, however we are still subject to City of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation Department restrictions. As a community partner using shared space, observing these regulations is important to our success.

COVID Vaccination & Testing Requirements

The Rebellion Board has elected to implement a vaccination and testing policy for participation in regular training and competition. Through this policy, we reduce future risk and send an extremely positive message about the importance of vaccination. In general, vaccinated players will not have to get tested for participation. Digital proof of vaccination will be required at registration, however we advise keeping a digital copy on your phone for future reference at competition.

The following exceptions will apply:

  1. Individuals who are unable to get vaccinated due to medical or religious reasons may request special approval from the Board to submit proof of negative COVID test (PCR) received within 48 hours of each practice or competition.

  2. Individuals attending our Introduction to Rugby clinics may show proof of a negative COVID test in lieu of vaccination.

  3. Vaccinated players who are participating in other contact sports or competition (such as Rugby 7s) must submit a negative COVID test after each competition and prior to the next attended practice.

  4. Per CDC Guidelines, vaccinated individuals should get a COVID test if they present symptoms of COVID.

COVID Screening

Upon arrival at each practice or match, you will be screened for COVID symptoms (temp check, symptom verification). Please arrive 15-20 minutes early so that check-in can be completed by the start of practice. You must report any COVID symptoms to the President or Athletic Engagement Officer, and follow up with results from a new test. In general, if you have symptoms of any kind, stay home.

Additional COVID Policies
  1. Observers are only allowed with permission from the Board President/COVID Admin, and must complete full COVID screeening and sign a City liability waiver upon arrival.

  2. All players and staff must have an appropriate mask with them at all times. Masks are required during check in. Vaccinated players & staff DO NOT have to wear masks following check in. Unvaccinated individuals must wear a mask at all times. We highly encourage individuals with health risks to consider wearing a mask when they deem appropriate.

  3. Shared water bottles are not permitted. Individual water bottles and disposable bottles are permitted.

  4. When attending social/fundraising events at our sponsor venues, we expect full adherence to the venue’s safety policies.

Rugby Rules

Who controls the rules of rugby?

World Rugby, formerly known as “The International Rugby Board”, controls rugby and how it’s played.  They control the laws of the game.  These rules tell us how to play.

What are the basic rules?

Some rules are simple, necessary and easy to learn.  Other rules are necessary to know but very complex and technical. On this page get to know the basics. For some rules the basics are just a few words.

Where there is a link, click to get what you need to know. For full details of rugby rules, follow this link to the World Rugby Laws.

No rules specifically mention the rugby sidestep.

Sidesteps are special ways you move the ball towards the opposition goal-line when you are carrying the ball.


Rugby grounds have lines everywhere! Some solid, some dashed. What do they all mean and which are most important?

Get to know more about the basics by learning about the field, also known as the pitch.

Easy, step by step, know the rugby field, some associated rules and additional interesting information.