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For 20 years, the Los Angeles Rebellion RFC has promoted equality and inclusivity through the sport of rugby - quoted by Winston Churchill as a “holligan's game for gentlemen.”


The Los Angeles Rebellion Rugby Football Club is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting equality and inclusivity in sport.

We aim to create a safe, inclusive environment for people from all walks of life who seek to positively impact their personal, physical and mental health.

In fact, we are the only rugby team in Los Angeles that welcomes, and is inclusive of, all players regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, fitness level or sexual identity.


The Rebellion is committed to providing each player with the training and support they need to develop overall physical fitness and skills on the field, in order to safely and successfully play the game of rugby. Twice weekly practices, drills, team runs and streaming rugby matches are a part of our regiment each season, and we're boosting our volunteer coaching staff to focus on key position training through the coming season.


The Rebellion is the only rugby team in Los Angeles that welcomes all players regardless of sexual identity, age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, fitness level or experience.

Young and old, long-time player and total newbie, straight and gay, thin and not so thin… you get the idea. Anyone interested in pushing themselves farther than they thought possible is welcome to join us on the pitch!



A Division IV amateur team in the Southern California Rugby Football Union (SCRFU) and International Gay Rugby (IGR), we play a competitive 12-match SCRFU season between January - April, with playoffs in late April. As part of IGR, we participate in the biennial IGR Bingham Cup. We also participate in the annual Rucktacular, a friendly invitational rotating between the Rebellion, San Diego Armada and San Francisco Fog.


A big part of rugby is what takes place off the pitch. This club offers an opportunity to expand your social network among people who share your passion for the sport of rugby.

After each match, we join the opposing team at a “Third Half” drink up (ours are held at the Eagle LA) to celebrate our love of sport. We also assemble for our monthly Ruggerbusts and other special fundraising events. While we may proudly bear the distinction of “Best Drinkers” at the Bingham Cup – our brotherhood extends far beyond the Third Half. This is a different kind of modern family, a place where anyone can fit in. For gay, bisexual and questioning young adults especially, we provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment where you will most definitely feel like you belong.


In thanks for the years of support we have received from the Los Angeles community, the Rebellion plays it forward by giving back and working to make Los Angeles a safer, healthier, more inclusive community in which to live. As a team, we boldly stand for equality and inclusivity - on and off the pitch.

We regularly provide volunteer assistance for AIDS/Lifecycle, Los Angeles Pride, Outfest and other LGBTQ organizations; sponsor a Holiday Toy Drive to support Miller Children's Hospital of Long Beach; and support other charitable causes important to members of our team.