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Rebellion Rugby (a Division III Men’s Club in the Southern California Rugby Football Union) invites you to come train and play with the club. Whether it is the beginning of the season, mid-season or the off season, everyone is welcome on our pitch, regardless of age (18+), sexual or gender identity/expression, race or ethnicity, body type, or past experience. Even if you have never picked up a ball or played team sports before, we can turn you into a rugby player!

No matter who you are or who you love, there is a place for you with the Rebellion.

2024 Summer Season

Rugby doesn’t stop during the Off Season! Join the Rebellion for fun on the pitch all summer long.

Summer Touch Rugby

Mondays 8-10 PM
June 10 – July 15

All are welcome to participate in our summer non-contact rugby play! No experience necessary, just bring cleats and water.

$30 total

Pre-Season Training

Mondays 8-10 PM
July 29 – August 17

Get ready for the new season with weekly fitness and non-contact rugby basics! New and Returning players welcome, no experience necessary.

New players who complete Pre-Season Training are eligible to move to our Full Squad Training program in September.

$40 total

Beach Rugby

Join the Rebellion and our sponsor Noodlebagz for some surf n’ scrums! We will be hosting three Beach Rugby days between July and September, so check back for official announcements!

Training Location

Ferraro Fields
(Grass Fields Across from Parking Lot)
5101 N Zoo Dr, LA 90029


  • All players must be up-to-date on all vaccinations related to communicable disease/infection, including COVID-19, MPX, and Influenza. Religious and health exemptions are provided, but player must submit negative COVID test prior to each match.
  • If you show symptoms of illness or potentially contagious, stay home! This includes cough/sniffles!
  • If you think you have COVID, stay home and get tested. If you test positive, you must notify club leadership and may not return until testing negative. 
  • You must have health insurance. 
  • You must be registered with USA Rugby to participate in any contact training or competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do I have to be to participate?

All players must be 18 years or older, and no longer in High School. Training and Matches are open to all players age 18-21, but most of our social activities are held at establishments with 21+ age restrictions.

What equipment do I need?

If you are joining for the first time, you will need to secure:

  • Rugby or soccer cleats (American football and baseball cleats are illegal in rugby)
  • A mouth guard
  • Rugby shorts (available via or gym shorts.
  • Athletic wear you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Your own water

Contact play will not happen on day one. Don’t be discouraged if you need time to get these items. As long as you have workout clothes, you can start training!

What if I can’t make every practice or match?

This is an adult amateur recreation program, so we understand people have work, school, kids, and other adult responsibilities. We encourage everyone to attend as much as possible.

Does it matter if I’ve played sports before?

No. Our mission is to make rugby accessible to everyone, especially those who might not have felt welcome in team sports before. Many of our players either played sports a very long time ago or not at all. It’s never too late to learn, and the benefits of regular sports practice will amaze you!Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

Does it matter if I’m out of shape and afraid rugby is too demanding?

Rugby can be a demanding sport, but our regular weekly practices are designed to build the fitness levels of every player. You will find our workouts to be fun, engaging, and inclusive of all players no matter what level of experience and/or fitness they bring to the pitch.

Will I get hurt?

Like any high-impact sport, rugby carries a certain amount of risk when you walk onto the pitch. While injuries do happen, the amount or severity of injury is no different than other sports of a similar nature. The Rebellion cares about the safety of the entire team — in addition to learning how to play the game safely, you have the option of purchasing additional protective gear for practice and game days.

What does “Men’s Squad” mean?

We welcome individuals of all gender identities and expression to train, participate in social activities in the club, and compete in all friendly (non-official) scrimmages. However, USA Rugby regulations dictate that players must identify as Male, Trans, or Non-Binary to be eligible to compete in sanctioned matches or tournaments.

Is this truly a safe space for trans/non-binary folx?

Yes! In the past three seasons, our gender diverse population increased by 200%. There is a zero tolerance policy in the club, and in our governing union, for any homophobia or transphobia on or off the pitch. These aren’t just words — trans players hold significant positions of authority and influence within club leadership.

Do you accept/recruit foreign players?

Rebellion Rugby does not accept unsolicited requests from foreign players, and does not offer visa assistance. You must be a current resident of California (or currently residing in the U.S. and moving to CA).

What if I just want to support from the sidelines?

That’s okay, too! Our supporters are known as RugBAEs — you can learn all about them here.