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Are you a “Rugby Wife”, partner, family member, friend, or Rebel alum looking to support and cheer on the Rebellion? Then join our Rebellion RugBAE Booster Squad for the 2023-24 season!

RugBAEs are a vital part of the Rebellion family: They cheer from the sidelines. They clean up the bruises. They provide volunteer support at matches and events. They lend their time and talent to promote the cause.

This May, our Rebels will travel to Rome, Italy to compete in the 2024 IGR Bingham Cup, aka. the World Cup of inclusive rugby. Whether you’re a native Angeleno or cheering us on from behind your screen, your support motivates and encourages each of our athletes as we start our journey to Rome.

Join us today in sharing our message: No matter who you are or who you love, there is a place for you in the Rebellion.

Thank you for your support!

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